Dez Bryant, DeMarco Murray, Tyron Smith: Ranking the Importance of Dallas Cowboys' Contracts

By Jeff Smith
DeMarco Murray
Brad Mills- USA TODAY Sports

As the 2014 NFL Draft approaches, let’s look at something relating to the current big-name players on the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys have already picked up Tyron Smith‘s option for 2015, so they’ve at least handled that aspect of these three contract situations that they are sorting through. From there, though, no one knows exactly what the Cowboys are going to do with their three big named players who are going to need to get signed on to long-term deals sooner rather than later.

While Cowboys fans and the front office are going to want to make sure that they lock up all three for the long term, many have asked what the importance level of re-signing each one is. Below I’m going to rank the three in order and put them on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most important.

Top Priority: Dez Bryant (10)

The playmaker that is Bryant has finally figured out his off the field issues, and that just means he’s more focused on football than ever. This guy is going to get a huge contract, and it’s one that’s well-deserved. The Cowboys have absolutely zero option to let him go, because if he does end up leaving town then you can bet that the fans are going to lose their minds.

The Cowboys want Bryant, and Bryant wants to be in Dallas, so they’ll make it work. When though? No one really knows, but here’s to hoping it’s soon.

Close Second: Tyron Smith (9.99999)

The only reason I gave Smith a 9.99999 is because he’s considered “second” here and giving him a 10 would just create a first place tie. It really is that close between the two though. The Cowboys finally found a lineman they can trust to protect Tony Romo. If you’re a Cowboys fan then you understand how painful the offensive line issues have been in recent years. Making sure Smith doesn’t go anywhere is MASSIVELY important.

Smith and the Boys will get something done sooner rather than later, but Dallas did buy themselves a bit of time.

Third, and Time to Worry: DeMarco Murray (8)

Don’t get me wrong; DeMarco Murray is an excellent running back, and that’s why his importance is at an eight. There are a lot of good running backs around, but not as young as the 26-year-old Murray. Now, with that being said, Murray needs to stay healthy and prove that he can this season, because he is slowly creeping towards 30 (I know he has years left in the tank, though).

The real reason why the Cowboys and the fans have a reason to worry is because of how much they’ll likely pay. The pay rate for running backs has gone down quite a bit recently, and Murray may be demanding more money than the Cowboys are willing to pay. I think it’s most likely that Murray isn’t a Cowboy for the long term when comparing against Bryant and Smith.

How the Cowboys Can Bring Back All Three

Here’s to hoping that the Cowboys can bring back all three. If they’re going to do it, though, they need to be prepared to pay big money to both Bryant and Smith, which I believe they are. These two are going to get their huge contracts, and I honestly believe doing Bryant now and Smith next offseason is the way to go.

For Murray, I strongly believe that the Cowboys should put an offer on the table now that’s around what they’ll expect and see if he’ll go with it. I wouldn’t low ball or disrespect him at all with the offer but get a fair contract offer that won’t break the bank on the table right now.

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