Kansas City Chiefs Draft Rumors: QB in 1st Round Talk Is Crazy

By Andrew Fisher
Kansas City Chiefs
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There’s never any shortage of crazy talk this time of year. With the 2014 NFL Draft just days away, rumors are flying around the internet at a dangerous rate. One such rumor involves the Kansas City Chiefs and their first round selection this year.

KC is set to pick at No. 23 and then not again until No. 87. They don’t have a second round selection because of the Alex Smith trade, and now they may not have Smith long-term. There’s apparently growing concern about the lack of a new deal between the Chiefs and Smith (who’s set to become an UFA at season’s end).

Because contract extension talks have allegedly stalled, Ian Rapoport is reporting there’s a growing thought that the Chiefs could actually select a QB in round one.

Say what?

For a team with a solid signal-caller already on the roster and only two picks in the top 87, how in the heck is QB even an option?

So what if there’s no long-term deal even close to in place between KC and Smith? He’s on the roster for the upcoming season and that’s all that matters. For a team that should have won a playoff game last season and is also bringing back the bulk of its roster, there’s just no need to look at QBs early on in the draft.

In a perfect world the Chiefs could select a QB in round one and starting planning for the future. But in the real world they don’t have that luxury. No. 23 should be spent on one of the team’t other areas of need (WR, OL). Any selection that doesn’t address an immediate need will be a mistake.

The safe bet is that this ‘talk’ of KC going QB in round one is just another smokescreen.


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