Kansas City Chiefs: What If 2014 Draft Class Were Available in 2013?

By Aaron Charles
NFL Draft 2014
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This is no knock on Eric Fisher, but the Kansas City Chiefs got the first overall pick at a terrible time. If they had it in 2012, they would be deciding between Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. If they were to choose first in this year’s draft, they would have some very appealing options, all of which sound better than deciding between Fisher and Luke Joeckel.

There is no doubt that the Chiefs’ front office would change the year they selected first if they could. Had the 2014 class been available last year when they selected first, the Chiefs would have a completely different look. First off, Alex Smith wouldn’t be in town. With two of the top 33 picks in this class, Kansas City would almost definitely have invested in one of the top quarterbacks.

They may have snagged Johnny Manziel with the first pick, or possibly got the best available quarterback at the beginning of the second round. It’s also possible that they would’ve traded up from their second round choice to get a QB they had their eye on, after selecting Jadeveon Clowney first overall.

If I’m playing GM, I would snag Manziel No. 1 overall and pick the best talent that comes my way afterward. He may seem like somewhat of a risk with his size and character concerns, but he has the tools to be a franchise-changing player. Clowney could be one of the greatest defensive ends of all-time, but the ceiling of his impact on a team is much lower than Manziel’s.

Johnny Football could be the Aaron Rodgers/Drew Brees/Peyton Manning/Tom Brady-type that always seems to have his team in the playoff mix. If you have a legitimate shot at a player like that, you have to go for it. The Houston Texans are in a very enviable position.

They picked the right year to play terribly and unfortunately for Kansas City fans, the Chiefs did not. The 2014 draft class is a loaded one that could’ve had an enormous impact on the Chiefs’ future.

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