St. Louis Rams Rumors: Team Discussing Sam Bradford Trade With Minnesota Vikings?

By Andrew Fisher
Sam Bradford
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It’s draft week, which means that all kinds of crazy talk is going on around the NFL. Most of the chatter will surround who’s taking who and who’s trading up for who, but in the case of the St. Louis Rams, it could be in regards to Sam Bradford.

We’ve heard rumblings of a Bradford trade before, but now it appears there could be a serious suitor for him — the Minnesota Vikings.

Football personality Jason La Canfora mentioned in a recent interview that there are people in NFL circles who believe the Rams and Vikings have talked about a possible trade involving the QB. St. Louis, as per usual, denies anything of the sort.

But just for the sake of draft week entertainment, is this a deal that makes sense for both teams?

It certainly makes sense for the Vikings on some level. They need a QB in the worst way and Bradford has proven to be at least worthy of starting in the NFL. You’d have to think Minnesota would send Christian Ponder or Matt Cassel to the Rams in exchange for him, as well as a second or third round pick in the draft.

If the Vikings don’t see their franchise QB in this draft, they might very well think Bradford is their best realistic option moving forward over the next few seasons. However, that’s kind of hard to see with Norv Turner‘s downfield offensive system now in place.

On the Rams side of things, this deal would only make sense if they’ve fallen in love with one of the top QB prospects. Johnny Manziel did pay a recent visit to the team, and they can basically take whoever they want at No. 2. But they’d have to really like someone to kick Bradford to the curb after four seasons.

Overall, I’m not buying this trade. Both teams are probably best served to stay where they’re at in the draft and roll with what they’ve got moving forward. Bradford is probably better than Cassel, but not by a whole lot.


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