2014 NFL Draft: Detroit Lions Would Be Foolish To Pass On WR in First Round

By Andrew Fisher
Sammy Watkins
Joshua S. Kelly- USA TODAY Sports

The No. 10 spot is a pretty great place to be in the NFL Draft. It’s where the Detroit Lions sit in 2014 and where many fans think they’ll add another piece to their wide receiving corps.

This year’s top WR prospect is Sammy Watkins, followed fairly closely by Mike Evans. Both guys would be great additions to Lions alongside Calvin Johnson, but both guys are also not guaranteed to be available by the time Detroit picks at No. 10.

However when it comes to Watkins, it appears that Lions might be dead set on drafting him:

The prospect of trading up for Watkins should excite most Lions fans. But only if the team makes a wise deal. Clearly Detroit would also have to give up another selection or two to get the talented WR, and there’s definitely a point when the price tag becomes too high for one guy. But it all depends on how far up the Lions would have to go on the draft board.

It’s just hard to see both Watkins and Evans being unavailable by the time Detroit picks in round one. Moving up for Watkins makes sense, but waiting for Evans and keeping later-round picks intact also makes a lot of sense.

I don’t think the Lions can go wrong with either guy. The only way they can truly go wrong is by not selecting a WR at all. Even if it means them burning a pick or two to ensure the selection of Watkins or Evans — its worth it. No opposing team will want any part of defending Megatron and a new partner in crime.


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