Dallas Cowboys Will Pass On Timmy Jernigan in the 2014 NFL Draft

By Matt Banks
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Every year there are some players who fail drug testing before the NFL Draft. Timmy Jernigan is one of those players this year. The Dallas Cowboys aren’t going to draft him this year and it has nothing to do with the failed test.

Dallas is no stranger to drafting players with character issues. One of their best players, Dez Bryant, had well documented issues prior to being drafted, but the Cowboys even traded up to snag him.

Rod Marinelli is looking for a three-technique defensive lineman. He needs a versatile guy who can pass rush and handle a lot of responsibility. The fear for a one-technique player in his system is that they will become one dimensional.

Dallas views Jernigan as a one-technique player with potential to take on double teams and blow up the pocket, however, the team believes he has a low ceiling for improvement.

Stephen Jones came out last month and said, “If a player’s ceiling may be a one-technique, it may be hard for him to make our first round.”

With that being said, I believe Dallas would draft him if he happens to slip to the second round. He would hold a lot of value in the second round if other teams were to pass on him.

He might also be a a target for Dallas if it was to trade down in the first round. If it gained another pick later after trading to the end of the first round, he could be the selection. He would address a need and the Cowboys would gain an additional pick to fill another of their many holes.

Jernigan had a “diluted urine sample,” it is still unclear exactly what that means. Teams who look to draft him will just simply have to ask him and assess him afterward with all available information.

I think the Cowboys pass on him at pick No. 16, but it’s because of the scheme not the testing allegations.

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