Johnny Manziel Would Become Next Tim Tebow if Drafted By Dallas Cowboys

By Jack Delaney
Johnny Manziel Dallas Cowboys Rumors
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Apparently, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant and draft prospect Johnny Manziel hung out at a pool party this weekend, and the rumors are gaining momentum that Johnny Football will find himself on “America’s Team”.

Owner Jerry Jones recently stated that the Cowboys have a good quarterback in Tony Romo, and added that it wasn’t the organization’s primary goal to try and select a quarterback in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. Of course, Jones could potentially be using a smoke screen to hide his true intentions for Manziel, and if he slides down the board, the Cowboys could quickly snag the young quarterback with the 16th pick.

If you look at the factors outside of football skills, Manziel has almost a cult following that will help to move crazy amounts of merchandise and continually sell out games. The fact of the matter is that NFL fans either love or hate Johnny Football, but that means no matter what camp you fall into, you will be tuned into his first game to either cheer him on or root for him to fail. As a Cowboy, Manziel would have a prime stage to continue his celebrity status off of the field and build interest.

Former college star Tim Tebow had a cult following of his on with the Florida Gators, but “Tebow Mania” quickly overshadowed his career. When he was named the starter for the Denver Broncos in the middle of the 2011 season, Tebow totaled 1,729 passing yards, had 12 passing touchdowns, six interceptions, rushed for 660 yards and scored six rushing touchdowns. He was 8-5 as the starter, and had a six-game win streak towards the final weeks of the regular season.

Similar to Manziel, Tebow had a unique style that was often criticized, but the former star for Florida was still able to get results. His religious background seemed to be the only thing that the media could focus on, and the Broncos quickly grew tired of the circus that followed Tebow around.

He had a brief stint with Rex Ryan, but Tebow has been unable to sign and stay with a team. Some of the reasoning behind that is teams don’t feel he is a long-term option at quarterback and would like him to move to another position, but his off the field persona has had a role in his inability to play in the NFL.

A quarterback controversy is guaranteed to happen if Manziel signs with the Cowboys, and Dallas is not a town that is patient when it comes to results. His playing style would be on full display for constant criticism, and he could find himself on another team as early as 2015 if he doesn’t deliver for the Romo critics.

His personal life could be called into question like it was in college, and Manziel could find himself exiled the same way as Tebow.

While the thought of Manziel with Dallas is entertaining, it would start the beginning of the end for his career.

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