Johnny Manziel's Backyard Football Is Better Than Most Quarterbacks' Stadium Ball

By Dave Daniels
Johnny Manziel Minnesota Vikings NFL Draft
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Quarterback Johnny Manziel has created quite a lot of debate at the top of the NFL draft, but I would expect him to go in the top ten before it is all said and done.

We will have to see which team ends up falling the most in love with him, but it looks like that franchise might be the Cleveland Browns. I have heard that the Minnesota Vikings would love to get the former Texas A&M quarterback as well, but it would surprise me if he were to slip that far.

Look for Johnny Football to get picked at least sometime in the first round, but let me just say this about his playing style: I would take Manziel’s backyard football style over any other QB in this draft. His pro day was quite impressive, although I would caution anyone from using that as the only method of evaluation for a player. If anything, it is like an SAT score for a high school student with a high GPA, it is simply confirming what we already know to be true.

Maybe that is just a sportswriter getting overly excited by must-watch college football, but it still bears repeating that Manziel was the one player last season that you had to turn the television on for. George Whitfield made a great point on First Take about how you cannot play backyard football against Alabama, and Manziel was able to torch them for quite a few yards as well as touchdowns.

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