Peyton Manning Appears On Letterman, Talks Omaha and Neck Surgery

By RantSports Staff
Peyton Manning
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Peyton Manning is arguably the best player in the NFL and also its best representative off the field. He’s the epitome of a class act in the sports world and it shows through in every interview. In his latest public appearance Manning stopped by the Late Show to pay a visit to the retiring David Letterman.

Check out the QB as he discusses his ongoing battle with nerve regeneration:

Of course Letterman also asked Manning about his famous Omaha! calls:

As you might have guessed, Manning is not a huge fan of the on-field mics. They do pick up anything these days, including every call from QBs.

I love his proposed solution to the mic problem — just start saying a bunch of negative things about Roger Goodell. Not only is that classic comedy from Manning, it’s also true. If QBs really were tired of the on-field mics, they could just start swearing and saying a bunch of things the NFL wouldn’t like. What’s Goodell really going to do to Peyton Manning?

It was kind of surprising to learn that Manning is still not 100 percent following his surgeries, but you can tell by the way he throws now that he doesn’t have great arm strength anymore. His lack of power has altered his game plan, but it’s a game plan that worked against every team except one in 2013.

The Broncos will be right back in the thick of the playoffs this upcoming season. As for the question of if they can beat the Seahawks if they meet in the SB again? Peyton is probably hoping they get knocked off along the way.

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