Predicting QB Tony Romo's Year in 2014-15

By Jeff Smith
Tony Romo 2014 Preview
Brad Mills- USA TODAY Sports

Tony Romo is one of the most scrutinized and talked about quarterbacks in the NFL, which is obvious, but 2014 may be the year that he proves doubters wrong. Almost everyone is riding the opinion that Romo’s second back surgery means that he’s getting prepared to be all but done sooner than later, and that’s so far off that I can’t even start to emphasize that enough.

Romo is poised for a huge year, and that may largely be due to the fact that the Cowboys are preparing tons of weapons around him, and they brought in the pass-happy offensive coordinator, Scott Linehan. Linehan loved to air it out with Matthew Stafford, and you can bet he’s going to love to air it out with a quarterback who turns it over less in Romo.

Yes, Romo turns it over less than Stafford. It’s crazy for all of the Cowboys haters to have to get through their heads right now.

Look at the turnovers since 2011:

Romo: 39 interceptions and 10 fumbles in three seasons

Stafford: 52 interceptions and 10 fumbles in three seasons

Much of the fact that Stafford has thrown more interceptions than Romo is due to him throwing the ball a TON more, but Romo has gotten much smarter as his career has gone on, something that can’t be argued. Stafford still gets stuck in those “throw it up to Calvin Johnson” situations a bit too often, and he’ll grow past that as his career goes on.

Now, the topic here is predicting the year Romo will have in 2014-15, and I expect it to be big with Linehan calling the plays. Add in the fact that Dez Bryant, Jason Witten and Terrance Williams all have a great connection with Romo, and that the Cowboys will likely add another playmaker, and we could see big numbers.

2014 Prediction: 64 percent completion percentage, 4,545 yards, 36 touchdowns, 15 interceptions, three fumbles

Romo has flirted around 4,000+ yards in his career a few times, and topped out at 4,903 in 2012. Expect to see a little less than that, but still a ton of yards. The touchdowns will be up with Linehan willing to air it out more, but that will lead to more interceptions at 15 than we’ve seen in 2011 and 2013 (10 each season).

Pro Bowl? If the Cowboys get to 8-8 or above, then yes, I believe Tony Romo gets in as a Pro Bowler this season.

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