2014 NFL Draft Rumors: Johnny Manziel Doesn't Want To Play For Jacksonville Jaguars

By Andrew Fisher
Jacksonville Jaguars
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Of all the teams in the running for Johnny Manziel in the 2014 NFL Draft, you have to consider the Jacksonville Jaguars as a top realistic candidate to select him. They sit at the No. 3 spot behind two teams that don’t appear to be after a QB early on. Anything can certainly happen on draft day, but the odds are the Jaguars will have their chance to draft John Football.

If that does end up being the case, what will Manziel think? Will he be happy about being a Jaguar?

According to Don Banks of Sports Illustrated, he will not. Banks is reporting that Manziel doesn’t necessarily have a problem with the Jaguars, but that he would prefer to play in a bigger market.

So while this may not become another Elway to the Colts situation, it could have ‘bad fit’ written all over it. If John Football isn’t happy, nobody wins. It seems clear to me that he needs to fall in the right situation with the right team to be successful on Sundays. He’s not a guy that can just go to any team and make it work.

All market issues aside, I believe Manziel would be a great selection for the Jags. He may not like the small market that is Jacksonville, but he would be THE guy in that city. The Jaguars franchise desperately needs a face and it desperately needs a player to put butts in stadium seats. He could be that guy.

Hopefully if Johnny Football becomes Johnny Jaguar, he can be mature and see the positives of his new situation. It’s a situation that most QBs would kill for.


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