2014 NFL Draft: WR Sammy Watkins Will Not Improve Detroit Lions’ Offense

Sammy Watkins 2014 NFL Draft

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Wide receiver Sammy Watkins is one of the best players in the 2014 NFL Draft, but the Detroit Lions would be very foolish to add him to the team.

The Lions are absolutely stacked with offensive weapons. Quarterback Matthew Stafford‘s unbelievable list of targets includes Calvin Johnson, recent addition Golden Tate, dual-threat backs Reggie Bush and Joique Bell and 6-foot-5 tight end Brand Pettigrew. With the best wide receiver in the NFL and a strong cast of characters around him, it is surprising that the Lions only had a seven-win season in 2013.

At 6-foot-1, 211-pounds, Watkins is a great blend of size, speed and strength. Watkins exploded onto draft boards with his 2013 campaign for the Clemson Tigers of 1,464 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns. Watkins is the type of player who can immediately make an impact for any offense, and the wideout might not even be available when the Lions are on the clock with the 10th pick.

He would be a stud for any team that drafts him, but the Lions won’t improve by selecting Watkins. If the Lions want a better season in 2014, Stafford needs to improve his mechanics. It doesn’t matter if the 26-year-old quarterback had Johnson, A.J. Green and Josh Gordon to throw the ball to; Stafford forces the ball far too often and puts Detroit in bad positions.

Stafford had the third-most passing yards in the league in 2013, but he also had the sixth-most interceptions behind Eli Manning, Carson Palmer, Joe Flacco, Geno Smith and Andy Dalton. Where Johnson was only able to catch 53 percent of his targets this past season, Peyton Manning was able to make sure that Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker were able to haul in over 60 percent of their targets. The accuracy and mechanics of Stafford are holding the Lions back, and adding another receiver is not going to change that.

I hope the Lions can figure this out before wasting a pick on the talented Watkins.

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  • gregg rice

    Lol how stupid is this page? And Jack Delaneys comments…dude, u need a new job. A.j. green wouldn’t help? Ur out of Ur mind dude. Idiocracy in its prime. I guess Eddie lacy or A.P. wouldn’t help either, cuz we don’t have the greatest o line, plus we have Bush and bell.

    • Farva55

      No one offensively will help the lions more than needed. They can’t stop anyone, that’s the real point of the article. Learn football.

      • gregg rice

        Lol farva55, yeah I REALLY don’t know football. Best goal line d, red zone d, 6th against the run, secondary was 23rd against the pass, and we gave up the most deep ball points. NO ROOKIE will step in and change that. You gotta know that Austin plays ALOT more man coverage and press coverage than gunther’s zone coverage, In fact, I bet he plays more press and man in his first two games than Gunther did his whole 5 years as d coordinator. We have a WHOLE new playbook, and saying Watkins won’t change the offense is just illogical. Look, I know we have had a lot of wr busts during the Millen era, trust me I remember, but God forbid Johnson gets a season ending injury, or is injured or playing injured like he did in the last 4 games. have u seen our offense without him? Do u really trust just tate, Bush, and bell to get things done? I don’t. I’m not for giving up everything, in fact I’m against trading our second rounder, that pick could be used on Van Noy or a useful d defensive player, but if that means sacrificing next year’s first round pick, and if we make a playoff run, that would be a twentieth something pick anyway, I’m ok with that. Obviously I watch football Farva55, been watching since ’89.

      • Jack Delaney

        Correct sir. If you add LeSean McCoy to the Vikings, it doesn’t mean it will help anything with a weak quarterback and no one to throw the ball to.

    • Jack Delaney

      You can have a Ferrari but if you don’t know how to drive, it will just be an expensive toy sitting in your garage. The Lions can add all the top end receivers it wants to, but if the ball can’t reach them consistently or gets intercepted then what does it matter?

      • gregg rice

        That a good way of putting it. U could have a well structered block wall well reinforced (o line) and have it get hit by a tank (d line) and watch it crumble. U could have a tank well armored (d line) but if it has no ammo (sacks) it isn’t a very useful after all. U could have an untested plane( our d backs) but if it isn’t flown( giving a chance) u will never know how fast or effective it can be. These Parables could be used endlessly in reference to our lions, and just about everything. If they trade up, stand pat, or trade back, I’m ok with it. It just seems like u doubt Matthew Stafford, or don’t like him, ok, that’s fine. Just remember when we had a good wr trio in ’11, a younger , healthier Burleson, a pre-schizophrenia Titus young , and that guy named Megatron. We did pretty well that season, with an even worse defense, best year we had in years since Barry. Let me put it to u like this, we are ALL IN on Matthew Stafford, at least for the next three years. It makes for an offense that is all under contract for the next three years , excluding raiola and Sims. A set offense for the next three years, can focus on our d and free agency the next three drafts and free agency periods. My thought process.

  • twelsh36446

    Man are you crazy? I’m thinking you wrote this mess just to get us fans pissed off? You need some new antennas for that space helmet you are wearing.

    • Farva55

      False. The lions need to draft defense bc theirs sucks. That’s the point- get a clue.

  • Jack Delaney

    If Stafford can only make 53% of his targets catchable to the best wide receiver in the NFL, how would adding another wide receiver, even like Gordon or Green help anything? He has plenty of targets and adding another isn’t the issue. The mechanics need to be tighter Again, if Stafford didn’t have the sixth-most interceptions, he wouldn’t put the defense in such a bad position.

    There are plenty of another needs to address.