How Aggressive Will San Francisco 49ers Be In 2014 NFL Draft?

By Brian Cox
Sammy Watkins Clemson
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The San Francisco 49ers own six of the first 100 picks in the 2014 NFL draft. With their team being as loaded as it is, they most likely won’t have six roster spots available when it’s time to cut the roster down to 52 players. What this means is they will most likely move up in the draft, especially in the first round. But exactly how much will they move up and how much will it cost them?

One team that might be a good trade partner for the 49ers is the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are in the market for secondary help and a wide receiver and both positions will have quality prospects left at 30. If the 49ers decide to move up eight spots, it will most likely cost them their first-round pick plus one of their third-round picks. Making this move would allow them to get a very good wide receiver. It would also leave them with enough high draft picks to trade up in second round and still have a third-round pick to spare.

Another suitable trade partner is the Baltimore Ravens sitting at number 17. Considering their head coaches are brothers, working out a trade between these two teams could be a much smoother operation than trying to make a trade with other teams. The Ravens were in desperate need of a wide receiver until they signed Steve Smith. They still might need a wide receiver, but they are now able to wait and take another position in the first round. Moving up 13 spots would cost the 49ers their first-round pick plus their first pick in the second round or their first-round pick and two of their third-round picks. With all their picks, this trade would still allow them to move up in the second round as well.

But, perhaps the most interesting trade partner mentioned for the 49ers is the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders currently own the fifth pick in the draft and the 49ers would be targeting one player and one player alone if they decided to trade into the top five: Sammy Watkins, wide receiver out of Clemson. It would be a steep price to trade that high, but the payoff would be incredible. Watkins is one of the best playmakers to come out of college in years and that’s exactly what the 49ers need on offense. To trade that high would cost the 49ers their first-round pick and both second-round picks, plus possibly a high draft pick in next year’s draft. If they make that deal, they would still have enough picks in the first three rounds to trade back into the second round to get the secondary help they need.

It’s a beautiful thing to have as many draft picks as the 49ers do this year. It affords them so many different options and they can just about trade as high as they want to and not cripple their draft this year. What makes it even better for the 49ers is that they don’t have many roster spots available and they don’t have many needs so they can afford to make aggressive trades. Come draft day, I will be shocked if the 49ers stay with the 30th pick. I fully expect them to trade up and trade up aggressively. I expect them to make a strong push for Watkins.

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