Jadeveon Clowney To Rihanna: "I'm Coming Girl"

By RantSports Staff
Jadeveon Clowney
Getty Images

Just hours before finding out where he’ll be playing in the NFLJadeveon Clowney has admitted his celebrity crush. When pressed for an answer to the question during a pre-draft interview session on Wednesday, Clowney thought for a moment and then responded with Rihanna.

“Rihanna, yeah, Rihanna, I’m coming girl,” said the DE.

Obviously he was just answering the question and having some fun at the same time. But he could have probably picked a different way to present his answer. Perhaps ‘Rihanna, yeah, she’s beautiful.’ But what’s done is done. His love for the pop singer is now out in the open. We’ll have to see if she responds or if Clowney mysteriously gets punched in face prior to draft day…

As for Clowney’s actual NFL career, no one is really sure what direction it’ll go in. There’s no one saying the guy isn’t talented or that he doesn’t have the skills to be an All Pro caliber player in the NFL. All the questions are in regards to his attitude and want to be a professional football player.

The safe bet is that Clowney’s career will turn out somewhere in between the two extreme theories. It’s hard to see him being the ‘once in a generation’ player he’s been advertised as, but it’s also hard to see him being a complete flop. At minimum he’ll probably make a couple of Pro Bowls and play in the league for a six to eight seasons.

Will the Houston Texans roll the dice on him? We’ll find out tomorrow night. Thank goodness.

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