Oakland Raiders: Blake Bortles Wouldn't Be Worst First-Round Pick

By Jacob Kornhauser
Blake Bortles
Getty Images

In the past, the Oakland Raiders have been known for their questionable draft picks. Usually picking relatively high, Oakland has repeatedly blown chances to rebuild their subpar teams. That’s one of the many reasons they have been abysmal for over a decade now, and they need to buck that trend this year. They have the chance to do that with the No. 5 overall pick and one way they could go is with quarterback Blake Bortles. Since they traded for quarterback Matt Schaub not a whole lot of “experts” believe the Raiders will take a signal-caller in the draft, but it makes sense in the long-term.

By taking Bortles, the quarterback with the best measureables in the draft, the Raiders would have a potential long-term solution to the most important position in sports. Bortles and Schaub would have a position battle in training camp, which would force both to become better. If Bortles could win that battle, then he would already be battle tested before the season even began. Based on their current quarterback situation, Bortles may be able to develop more quickly in Oakland than anywhere else.

It’s really possible that Bortles could be taken as high as the No. 1 overall pick, but most recent projections have him dropping all the way to the Minnesota Vikings at No. 8. With their recent history in drafts, the Raiders would be wise to make sure Bortles is off the board before then. He can anchor their team for years to come and develop with the team without the immediate pressure to win. For that reason, the Raiders can get the most out of Bortles and he can develop most quickly if he ends up in Oakland. That sounds like a win-win for both sides.

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