Oakland Raiders Rumors: Owner to Push for Derek Carr?

Derek Carr

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While it’s certainly seen as a less-than-ideal situation, NFL owners sometimes get their two cents in when it comes to who their team will draft. That’s the case with the Oakland Raiders, who could be pressured by owner Mark Davis into selecting quarterback Derek Carr in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

According to CBS Sports’ Jason LaCanfora, Davis is “smitten” with Carr, and could pressure GM Reggie McKenzie and the rest of the Raiders front office to make him their first-round pick.

Currently sitting at No. 5 overall, the Raiders would be making a major stretch if they were to stand pat and select Carr at their current positioning. However, they could choose to trade down into a more reasonable spot in order to draft the Fresno State product. They did exactly that in 2013, moving down from No. 3 to No. 12 to select cornerback D.J. Hayden.

If the Raiders suddenly make a move towards the middle of the first round, it’ll be a safe bet to assume that Carr is their target.

Unfortunately, this form of drafting isn’t typically the best way to build for a brighter future. Seeing as owners often don’t have the football knowledge needed to make these decisions, it’s in the Raiders’ best interest to let McKenzie and head coach Dennis Allen make the final call. Especially with both men facing make-or-break seasons in 2014, they deserve the opportunity to steer the team in the direction they see fit.

Davis needs to learn from his late father’s mistakes and keep his hands off the draft process. However, that wouldn’t exactly be very Raider-like, now would it? I guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow night.

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  • http://www.cummingchiropracticmedspa.com/ Michael Klein

    If Davis does this any hope of the Raiders ever being good again will not happen until he sells the team. It is totally the blind leading the blind over there. No one ever learns from their mistakes or has a good grasp on talent.
    And I was worried what kind of buffoonery we had to worry about again with Mckenzie. Ala DJ Hayden at 12?? Really? can we say DHB, Our drafting over the last 15 years has been abysmal maybe the worst in the league.
    As much as I am excited for the draft and the number 5 pick I am probably more scared of how can we screw up another top pick. I hope some no brainer falls into their lap like watkins or Mack but I think all the no brainers will be gone which puts the Raiders in a very difficult position, because they will have to use one to make an intelligent pick.