St. Louis Rams: Sammy Watkins Wouldn't Be Worst No. 2 Pick

By Jacob Kornhauser
Sammy Watkins
Getty Images

Toward the second half of last season, the St. Louis Rams made some big strides. Even playing in the very tough NFC West, the Rams showed they could move the ball on offense even with a backup quarterback. This season they will have quarterback Sam Bradford back to help them even more. The Rams took receiver Tavon Austin in the first round last season and it worked out as he proved to be a legitimate playmaker in the league. Now the team needs to add another playmaker in order to compete. The biggest offensive playmaker in the draft is Clemson receiver Sammy Watkins.

Watkins has the same playmaking ability as Austin, but he is a much bigger player and should be a better pure receiver than Austin is right now. With a speed and possession receiver on either side of Bradford, the Rams could actually be quite dangerous on offense this season. Still with the No. 13 overall pick in the draft, the Rams would be able to add a quality defensive player as well, so they could really be one of the most improved teams in the league after the draft.

Showing off what he could do in the Orange Bowl last season, Watkins’ draft stock shot through the roof. That’s because most NFL scouts realized he could be an instant star in the league. With his frame, speed and ball skills, there’s no reason to believe Watkins can’t become an instant Pro Bowler. As long as the Rams make him their No. 2 overall pick, he will be a Pro Bowler for St. Louis and could help the Rams’ offense take the next step toward contention.

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