The Dallas Cowboys Are Still "America's Team"

By Matt Banks
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People misconstrue the title of “America’s Team”. People who are not fans of the Dallas Cowboys scoff when they hear this term, while supporters of the Cowboys hold the title in high regard. It doesn’t mean you love the Cowboys, support them, or watch all of their games. They are “America’s Team” because win or lose, love them or hate them, you care about them.

If you hate them, then you love to see Tony Romo throw interceptions or watch the defense blow big leads. You hate the star on their helmet. You hate their giant video board and their gigantic stadium. You can’t bare the sight or the voice of Jerry Jones.

If you love them, then you bask in the glitz and glamor of the franchise. You love seeing legendary players, celebrities and the cheerleaders. You enjoy their winning tradition that brought five Super Bowl titles and the “America’s Team” slogan.

Do you spark up the same kind of feelings for the Jacksonville Jaguars or Houston Texans?

In a previous article, I wrote about Tony Romo having the potential to be a Hall of Fame quarterback with stats to back it up. The comments were coming in left and right via social media. Most were obscene and negative toward Romo and the Cowboys.

Who else commands that type of attention?

It has been a brilliant marketing scheme by the franchise and Jerry Jones. The slogan has transformed the franchise into a larger than life spectacle. Like many things in this world, once the media gets a hold of something, they can beat it into the ground. I think that has been a big part of the love and hatred for the franchise.

The Cowboys sustained success in the 1990s gave a lot of Cowboys fans the right to be cocky while other fans around the league grew bitter and vengeful. I know people who view Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman as untouchable and others who want to give them a piece of their mind.

You’d think that the recent mediocrity the franchise has found itself in would take away some of its luster. I argue that it has enhanced it more or at least kept the focus on “America’s Team”.

During football season the Cowboys are the best soap opera on television.

Just think about it; they have a coach in Jason Garrett who seems to be on the hot seat every other week. They have an owner who dabbles as a general manager, a quarterback who puts up incredible numbers but seems to fizzle out when it counts the most and a wide receiver in Dez Bryant who can blow his fuse at any moment.

Then they always find themselves in late-game drama. They’re seemingly driving down the field with a chance to tie or win the game every single week. On top of all that, when the last week of the regular season rolls around they are always in the “win or go home” games.

It is must see TV at its best, and we are all on the edge of our seats cheering or collapsing to the ground as the clock hits zero.

It’s simple; whether you cheer them or boo them, the Cowboys are and will always be “America’s Team”.

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