2014 NFL Draft: Arizona Cardinals Should Be Wary of Zach Mettenberger, Derek Carr

By Mike May
Zach Mettenberger
Getty Images

As we have arrived to the day of the NFL Draft, the quarterback speculation is alive and well amongst the Arizona Cardinals faithful. Despite having Carson Palmer on the roster, fans are looking for that future franchise quarterback who can learn and develop behind the aging Palmer. Cardinals fans as well as numerous NFL mock drafts have speculated on the Cardinals drafting any number of quarterbacks from Blake Bortles or Teddy Bridgewater in the first round, to Zach Mettenberger or Logan Thomas in the later rounds. I have this one piece of advice for Cardinals fans: Do not fall for just the strong arm.

The Cardinals have had quarterbacks on their roster over the past few seasons who possessed an “elite NFL arm”, however, Derek Anderson and John Skelton also struggled with touch, accuracy, decision making in the pocket and a tendency to fall apart in the face of pressure. If you read any number of scouting reports on Mettenberger and Carr, they seem to state similar issues. These issues include poor decision making in the face of pressure, staring down receivers, inconsistent accuracy and struggles to progress through reads.

Does that sound familiar?

There are descriptions fans should be looking for as the Cardinals look to draft a potential franchise quarterback over the next three days. These descriptions should include words or phrases such as smart, accurate, makes his reads, gym rat, hard working and preferably no words or phrases when describing off the field behavior.

I am not predicting that Carr, Mettenberger or Thomas will be NFL busts someday; what I am saying is that I am wary when it comes to descriptions that mention physical tools but are less than flattering when it comes to how a quarterback is between the ears. Cardinals fans have seen that movie before and would not like to see a sequel.

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