2014 NFL Draft: Kansas City Chiefs Bulk Up Defense With Dee Ford

By Andrew Fisher
Kansas City Chiefs
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off a tremendous turnaround season in 2013, things are much different for the Kansas City Chiefs on draft day 2014. KC owned the top pick last April and spent it on Eric Fisher. The pick wasn’t an overwhelming success, but Fisher is far from a bust with lots of room to grow.

This year draft needs were different for the Chiefs. First and foremost because the team turned things around and made the playoffs last year, but also because they don’t own a pick in the second round (Alex Smith deal).

The Chiefs could not afford to miss at No. 23, and with Dee Ford, the topic of them missing will be up for debate. KC already has a pair of outstanding 3-4 OLBs with Tamba Hali and Justin Houston, so it’s a bit puzzling why the team would add another player of the same type with a limited amount of early draft selections.

There’s definitely a school of thought that adding as many pass-rushers as possible to mix is a good thing. Ford will most certainly help to make the Chiefs pass rush one of the best in the NFL over the next few years, but fans will wonder what could have been if the team had gone in a different direction.

Now KC will sit and wait until round three before it selects again at the No. 87 overall spot. In the meantime, analysts and fans will discuss the Ford pick. On the surface it doesn’t appear KC has hit a home run, but in a couple years if their defense is Seahawks-caliber, we’ll look back and marvel at Ford going late mid-to-late in the first round.

Overall, it’s hard to say Ford is a bad pick.


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