2014 NFL Draft: Trading Back Has To Be Perfect Deal For Pittsburgh Steelers

By Jeff Hartman
Kevin Colbert
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin and general manager Kevin Colbert held their annual NFL Draft press conference to discuss their thoughts heading into the first main event of the 2014 NFL season. Throughout the course of the press conference the usual talk ensued about what positions were and weren’t on their board, what would be considered a priority as well as different options they have with the 15th overall pick in the upcoming draft.

One of those options was to trade the pick and move back in the draft to garner more picks in the later rounds. This thought is extremely enticing for a team like the Steelers when you look at the roster and realize how thin they are at positions like defensive line, linebacker and wide receiver.

Nonetheless, if the Steelers are going to trade away their 15th pick, the deal has to be perfect. Simply put, the Steelers typically don’t draft this high and get a chance at a player who could possibly step in and play immediately. It would be a shame to see them trade away that pick for a later first-round pick and a fourth and fifth-round selection, even in a draft as deep as this one.

It all depends on the team that is wanting to trade up, how much they desire a specific player and what the Steelers might be able to milk out of the deal with that specific team. The fact that the Steelers openly said they were willing to trade that pick says they could be looking to deal if the players they have targeted aren’t on the board.

Trading back could lead to more draft picks, and that is certainly not a bad thing in a draft as talented as this one; but the Steelers need to realize that the deal has to be perfect for them to leave that 15th spot.

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