Cleveland Browns Finally Get It Right With Selection of Johnny Manziel

By Jeremy Martin
Johnny Manziel
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The Cleveland Browns finally got it right. They passed on Johnny Manziel once, but when they got a second chance they made the most of it and selected the Texas A&M quarterback with the 22nd pick in the NFL Draft.

The Cleveland Browns have had 20 different starting quarterbacks since 1999, but they won’t have to worry about another one for the next 10-15 years. Manziel will give the Browns fans something they haven’t had in years; hope for the future. Johnny Football was the best quarterback in this year’s draft, but fortunately for the Browns every team in front of them was not smart enough to realize it.

It started with Saint Louis, who passed on Manziel with the second pick in the draft and then again at No. 13. Then Jacksonville missed the mark by selecting Blake Bortles with the third pick. Cleveland Passed on Manziel at No. 4 by trading the pick away and then passed on him again with the eighth overall pick. Finally it was the Browns third opportunity and in this case the third time was the charm. They finally got their guy.

What does the pick of Manziel mean for Cleveland? It means they finally have that missing piece that has kept them in the basement of the NFL for decades. Cleveland has one of the best receivers in the NFL in Josh Gordon, they have a good running back in Ben Tate and they have a top 10 defense. Now they have the quarterback that makes them a true contender in the AFC North.

In five years, Johnny Manziel will be considered one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and fans will wonder how he ever fell to number 22 in the draft, and teams that passed on him will regret passing on him. You see. Cleveland just didn’t win the draft when they selected Manziel. They also guaranteed themselves the 2014 AFC North Championship and a return to the NFL playoffs.

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