Johnny Manziel Should Request Trade From Cleveland Browns

By Andrew Fisher
Johnny Manziel
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Johnny Manziel is a member of the Cleveland Browns. Let that sink in for a moment.

After falling down the draft board, Manziel’s future was up in the air for a good amount of time on Thursday night. But once the Browns traded up to the No. 22 spot, everybody knew they were going to take a QB. Contrary to reports over the last few days, they went Manziel.

Johnny Football is tough to read at times, but my take on his body language following his selection was that he wasn’t thrilled to be a member of the Browns. He may have just been overwhelmed by the moment, he may have just been relieved to finally be off the board — but he just didn’t look happy to me.

If Manziel’s not happy, no one around him in Cleveland will be happy. He had to fall in the right situation, and I’m not sold Cleveland is that situation.

He made no bones about wanting to play in his home state of Texas, and there were also reports about him not wanting to play for the Jaguars because of their small market. Cleveland isn’t a small market, but the franchise’s recent history is flat out ugly.

The silver lining for John Football is that he’ll have a great WR to work with in Josh Gordon and also a very solid o-line in front of him. There’s potential in Cleveland, but I don’t buy that Manziel will want to play there.

Manziel haters will love that he now has to take his talents to Cleveland, most Manziel lovers will hate it.

Johnny Football decked out in orange and brown doesn’t seem quite right. My opinion is that it’s only a matter of time before things come unraveled between him and the Browns.

He should just ask for a trade now and avoid Cleveland all together.


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