NFL Draft 2014: Taylor Lewan a Smart Pick for Tennessee Titans

By Jacob Kornhauser
Taylor Lewan
Getty Images

The Tennessee Titans had the chance to take playmaker Johnny Manziel and instead took offensive tackle Taylor Lewan. It’s not the flashiest pick, but it does shore up an offensive line that was lackluster in front of whatever quarterbacks they had in the backfield all season long. Lewan was a top five offensive line prospect coming into the draft and the Titans likely didn’t think he would be available when they picked at No. 11.

Now the Titans need to focus on adding offensive playmakers for Locker to throw the ball to. He should have more time to throw, so if he can stay healthy, Locker should be able to take the next step in his career progression. It was certainly a possibility that the Titans could’ve taken Manziel and brought a play making presence to their team, but decided on the biggest draft need as opposed to the most talented player remaining in the draft.

In addition, the Titans will have to add defense in order to contend next season. Really, Tennessee still needs to add a lot in this draft and it could have come in the form of OLB Anthony Barr, but he was taken by the Vikings earlier in the draft. Not that it was the wrong pick, but the Lewan pick was the boring pick. Manziel would have been the attractive pick.

In football, it’s not always about taking the attractive pick over the ugly pick. Only time will tell if the ugly pick will turn out ugly, or look more attractive than the alternative.

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