Philadelphia Eagles Reach Big Time in Selecting Pass-Rusher Marcus Smith

By Ryan Wenzell
Marcus Smith Philadelphia Eagles
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles were movers and shakers on Day 1 of the 2014 NFL Draft. They moved down from 22 to 26 in a shrewd move in which they picked up an extra third-round pick.

That move deserved an A. The pick itself? Not so much. The Eagles had some highly-rated players at both cornerback and wide receiver in Bradley Roby and Marqise Lee staring them in the face. Wide receiver is certainly an immediate need following the release of DeSean Jackson and an explosive guy like Lee would have come right in and provided production at the wide receiver position. Roby would have injected youth at the cornerback position. A position in which the Eagles desperately need young legs. While the Eagles did address their defense, and specifically their most crying need, in a pass rusher, this seems like a reach to me.

Howie Roseman had preached about selecting the best available player regardless of need, but this feels like a need pick to me. We shall see how it all shakes out. The Eagles have an extra third rounder, and this is a stacked class at the wide receiver position.

There is no doubt the Eagles will look to add their on Days 2 and 3. The safety and corner positions need to be addressed as well. Right now this one seems like a bit of a head scratcher.

Maybe Chip Kelly knows something we don’t. He clearly likes the kid. The Eagles also are aging at pass rusher with Trent Cole on his last legs, and Smith could possibly slide right in and replace him as soon as this upcoming season.

So far the Eagles have had an eventful Day 1. Let’s hope Days 2 and 3 bear more fruit for the Birds.

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