Dallas Cowboys Fans Got What They Asked For, But As Usual They Aren’t Satisfied

By Jeremy Martin
Jerry Jones
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The fans of the Dallas Cowboys are a fickle group. They also never seem to be satisfied. For years fans have been begging for Jerry Jones to start acting like a real general manager. They have complained that Jerry only cares about grabbing the headlines and looking to make a big splash. They whine that Jerry is too controlling on draft day and that he refuses to listen to his coaches and scouts.

That brings us to Thursday night where the Cowboys were picking 16th in the first round of the NFL Draft. As the Cowboys’ pick drew closer it became clear that what everyone in America was hoping for was about to happen. Johnny Football was going to be on the available when Dallas went on the clock. It was the dream scenario, pairing the gun-slinging owner with the cocky, brash, gun-slinging quarterback Johnny Manziel. People were preparing their jokes to post on social media, and Cowboys fans were ready to rush out and buy their Manziel jerseys; this was really going to happen. But just when twitter was ready to break, something crazy happened; the Cowboys decided to go with the boring pick and take offensive lineman Zach Martin.

How could this have happened? How could Jerry pass up a moneymaking machine like Manziel? How could Jerry pass on the charismatic and flamboyant quarterback and take the boring and plain offensive lineman? It happened because Jerry did what every single Cowboys fan has been begging him to do for the past twenty years. He acted like a real general manager. He took off his owner hat and put on his GM one. He listened to the football people around him and actually selected the player they believed to be the best available.

Did Martin fill the Cowboys’ biggest need? No, that would be defense, but the best defensive players were off the board. What Martin does is he helps protect Dallas’ most important asset, Tony Romo.

Do I believe Manziel is going to be a star quarterback in the NFL? Yes, I absolutely believe that, but I am not a Cowboys scout. The scouts believed Martin was the better player at 16, and the most important thing is Jerry listened to them.

For years and years Dallas fans have been begging for Jerry to change his ways. They have asked him to please just listen to his football guys that know more than he does. This offseason Jerry has listened to his football guys, and he did it again last night. Fans should be thrilled about this new and improved Jerry, but instead everyone is upset and wanting to know what happened to the old Jerry.

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