Minnesota Vikings: If Nothing Else, Anthony Barr Is a Freak Athlete

By Andrew Fisher
Anthony Barr
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The Minnesota Vikings definitely raised a few eyebrows by selecting Anthony Barr with the No. 9 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. Most everyone agrees that Barr is a first-round talent, but not everyone agrees that he’s a top 10 talent. Regardless, he’s now officially one after Thursday night.

If it weren’t for the Vikings trading back up into the first round and selecting Teddy Bridgewater, a lot of the chatter today would be about how they may have missed with Barr. The guy has a ton of potential, but he’s far from being a lock pick.

Even though Barr is raw and there are questions about his football IQ, there’s absolutely no doubt about his athleticism.

Normally I hate the Sport Science segments on ESPN, but they did one about Barr recently that’s actually worth a look:

And now you know why the Vikings were willing to roll the dice on him at No. 9.

Sports Science doesn’t know crap about what really goes into making a successful football player, but their analysis should make some Vikings fans feel better about the OLB. When you see a guy’s name in the same graphic as DeMarcus Ware — it’s a good thing.

Barr is in the right situation to be successful with Mike Zimmer in Minnesota. You can’t coach talent and natural ability, which Barr has plenty of, but you can coach fundamentals and make guys better football players. That’s the task at hand with OLB.

It could be worse for the Vikings.


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