2014 NFL Draft: New York Jets Address Offense With TE Jace Amaro

By Luis Tirado Jr.
jace amaro
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Most people forget the importance of having a great tight end on offense just like Jace Amaro.

When you have a strong, physical and in-your-face TE, it opens everything up on offense. You have an extra option to throw to, a better gap to run through and the ability to create mismatches due to the size differential. The New York Jets absolutely needed to continue to bolster their offense by adding playmakers who can plow through defenders with ease — players who brings some toughness to the Jets’ offense.

In the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft, the Jets selected Amaro to give the team an explosive big man to fill this role. Unlike other tight ends in the draft, Amaro is true to his position with his frame and abilities. Other tight ends are more like bigger versions of wide receivers, but this is such a great pick for the Jets. With the Jets sticking to their roots in running a ground-and-pound offense, they needed to make sure they have a TE who can not only make plays, but who can also make key blocks.

Amaro is an excellent blocker and brings a lot of aggression to his position. Look at other TEs who truly make a difference on offense such as Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski. Both of these high-caliber players add such a great dimension on offense that it easily translates to more wins for their respective teams.

Also keep in mind, these are two enormous athletes who are true specimens of strength and skill. They play hard, block hard and enjoy all the mismatches due to their sizes. This is something Amaro brings to the Jets that the team hasn’t had in quite some time.

The Jets continue to make all the right choices so far in the draft and once it all gels together, they will become formidable contenders in the AFC East this upcoming season. Amaro is going to give the Jets more of an offensive punch and will definitely give running backs Chris Johnson, Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell great gaps to run through, thus creating more highlights for fans to enjoy.

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