Arizona Cardinals: Logan Thomas becomes latest project

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I was checking out some Sports Science clips this morning when I came across a segment on a young potential star quarterback. The clip was amazing! This guy’s reaction time, release, accuracy and velocity tested similar to Peyton Manning. The clip ends with John Brenkus saying that if you were to build the stereotypical successful NFL quarterback, you would have this guy.

We did. His name was John Skelton. Skelton had come into the league as a raw but high potential quarterback. His rookie year he even showed a flash or two of what we might expect to see going forward, including a great go ahead drive Christmas night 2010 against the Dallas Cowboys. He sure was a talent. If only he could just be coached up he might be an elite NFL quarterback. I was on board — he was the guy of the future.

Four years, a head coach, a general manager and a stretch of unwatchable football later, Skelton is likely using his marketing degree instead of his arm to find a job.

Which brings me to Logan Thomas. Thomas has all the physical potential in the world. He ran a 4.54 40 time and threw a football 60 mph. I get the temptation here — I know about his struggles with accuracy but if only he could be coached up he might be an elite NFL quarterback someday.

Fool me once, shame on you as the saying goes.

Steve Keim and Bruce Arians have found the latest project in the Arizona Cardinals‘ very long search for a long term elite franchise quarterback. I have to believe there is something they saw in Thomas that the rest of us missed and to be fair, Keim and Arians have been doing this a lot longer than I have and they have a bit better track record than I do to boot. Perhaps there are just flaws in his mechanics that, if improved, would correct his accuracy problems and transform him into the quarterback of the future here in Arizona.

But I am not counting on this. I don’t believe you can coach up attributes like accuracy and good decision making. I believe elite quarterbacks build up the offense around them and that lack of talent is not an excuse for performing poorly. If you look at the elite quarterbacks in the NFL they lift the team up around them.

I really hope I am wrong about Thomas. I hope that his issues in college were just poor mechanics and that Tom Moore and Bruce Arians can fix these issues. I hope that Thomas becomes an elite NFL quarterback and that everyone that disagrees with me about Thomas makes me eat a big serving of crow in a few years. I hope they rub it in too. I hope I am tweeted and facebooked pictures of Thomas receiving the Super Bowl MVP award. I am a lifelong Arizona Cardinals fan first and foremost.

Until then though, you will have to excuse my pessimism but I feel like I’ve seen this movie before. Hopefully having a new producer and a new director assures that the sequel will end much better than the original.

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  • Rob

    Accuracy can’t be coached, sure.

    You know what else isn’t practical? Throwing the ball to yourself every play which sums up Logan’s last two years at Virginia Tech.

    Decision making can be improved and mechanics can be tweaked. Throw in some receivers worth a damn, teach him ONE offense (they switched coordinators his final year at VT), and let’s see what happens.

  • machgman

    Whatever chances Skelton had to become a success in the NFL was completely destroyed by Whisenhunt’s poor coaching and mental gameplaying. He played decently as a rookie, but as Whisenhunt coached him more each following year, the worse Skelton played and the worse his decision making was. At the end, Whisenhunt got so bad that he no longer hid his mental screwing around of Skelton’s mind and lost some games just to spite and screw with Skelton. Imagine how the rest of the Cards roster felt when Wisenhunt threw away winnable games just to screw with Skelton? That’s when Whisenhunt lost the locker room.

    You are not going to find that horrible type of coaching and QB development with Tom Moore and BA. Because of BA and Tom Moore, Logan Thomas as a decent opportunity to earn himself a career as a NFL QB