Cleveland Browns: Johnny Manziel Selection Leads To Vince Young Cut

By RantSports Staff
Vince Young

The bad/good news keeps pouring in from Cleveland Browns camp. This time it’s in regards to Vince Young.

So just a over a week into his tenure with the team, Young is once again jobless. He’s now right back where he was two weeks ago — in a lackluster free agent QB pool. But the fact that there are so few capable QBs on the market, may prove to be a positive for the former Pro Bowler.

The fact that Young was cut so early on in the season will also help him. He’s now got plenty of time to find a new team with a less-crowded QB situation. Because let’s face it, after Johnny Manziel was selected by the Browns last Thursday, one of the Browns backup QBs was going to get cut.

Some people have wondered if Young would be a good mentor for Manziel. Both had high-profile college careers, played in Texas and both were/are far from polished coming into the NFL. But now that thought is moot point.

Moving forward Cleveland will turn all its attention to Brain Hoyer and Manziel as OTAs and training camp approach. You have to think that the job is Manziel’s to lose, but at the same time, Hoyer won’t make it easy on him. However, if Manziel isn’t under center come week one, it would be a  bit surprising.

As for Vince Young, he deserves another chance to make a roster this season. Whether he gets that shot, is anyone’s guess.

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