Dallas Cowboys Will Regret Not Addressing QB Position in NFL Draft

By Jeremy Martin
Tony Romo
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The Dallas Cowboys had a surprisingly good NFL Draft. They drafted nine players and addressed nearly every position of need. Dallas spent seven selections on the defensive side of the ball. The Cowboys also filled two offensive needs at wide receiver and offensive lineman. While Dallas did a lot to improve their team during the draft, there is one glaring omission from their draft class: Quarterback.

I understand why Dallas passed on Johnny Manziel in the first round, but there was a total of 14 QBs taken in this draft and Dallas passed on all of them. Given Tony Romo’s health concerns and the uncertainty surrounding whether or not Kyle Orton will play, I really thought this would be the year Dallas would draft a developmental quarterback. In reality I shouldn’t be surprised at all; Dallas’ refusal to draft a QB has been an issue for years.

The last time Dallas drafted a QB was in 2009, when they selected Stephen McGee in the fourth round. In the five drafts since Dallas took McGee, there have been 62 quarterbacks drafted. Other than the Cowboys, the only other team not to draft a QB in the past five years is the Detroit Lions. I understand the Cowboys have put all their eggs in the Tony Romo basket, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t draft a backup. The New England Patriots have drafted three QBs in the past five years, and they are quarterbacked by some guy named Tom Brady.

Dallas’ stubbornness toward drafting a QB is not a new thing, though; it dates all the way back to 1994 — ironically the same year Jerry fired Jimmy. Since 1994 there have been a total of 252 quarterbacks drafted, and only three of them have been selected by the Cowboys. Those three QBs are Quincy Carter, Isaiah Stanback and McGee. Stanback was drafted to be a wide receiver for the Cowboys, so if you take him out of the equation, you can say Dallas has only drafted two QBs in the past twenty years.

When Troy Aikman retired it took Dallas seven seasons to find a replacement, and it only happened because an undrafted free agent fell into their laps. Dallas can’t count on that to happen again. They will likely have to draft Romo’s future replacement, and the longer they put it off, the harder it will be when Romo’s time comes to an end.

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