Matt Simms Era At QB Ending Thanks New York Jets Drafting Tajh Boyd

By Luis Tirado Jr.
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Quarterback Matt Simms has had an interesting career so far in professional football that hasn’t quite taken off yet. So far in his tenure with the New York Jets, Simms hasn’t truly had a chance to illustrate whether or not he can be worthy of being a starting quarterback. He’s still a relative “unknown” since he had to deal with the consistent quarterback carousel on the Jets, but it appears now his time with the team could be coming to an end.

In the sixth round of the 2014 NFL Draft, the Jets selected QB Tajh Boyd. Boyd is a natural born leader since he used to be a team captain at Clemson. He brings a solid arm capable of hitting deep passes and has an incredible pocket presence. He’s also very good at picking up blitzes and can become quite elusive when he takes off to make plays on the ground. Many predict Boyd will have a career as a consistent backup early on and perhaps one day develop into a starter.

At the current moment, the Jets’ quarterback situation will provide plenty of headlines this summer. A competition will ensue between Michael Vick and Geno Smith for the starting job with the loser being backup. In an ideal situation, Vick should win and have Smith learn from the bench to continue his development. With Boyd in the mix, he’ll be competing with Simms for the third and final spot at quarterback for the Jets. More likely than not, Boyd should be able to beat out Simms and earn a spot on the roster, effectively signaling the end of his tenure on the Jets.

Most Jets fans remember that a few years ago, Simms was at one point considered an option to start due to a struggling Mark Sanchez and all the circus that came with Tim Tebow. For whatever reason, he failed to convince he was a starter back then and has since fallen off the radar.

Perhaps he’ll find success elsewhere, but if he didn’t get a spot before, now with some tough competition ahead it looks like he might never get that chance to start again for the Jets.

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