Being Highest Paid CB Still Not Enough To Shut Richard Sherman Up

By Andrew Fisher
Richard Sherman
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Sherman is the best cornerback in football and now the highest paid cornerback in football. He’s earned it after a couple of spectacular years with the Seattle Seahawks, including a Super Bowl run last season. But even being a rich champion can’t close his mouth and hinder his love for trash talk.

After Patrick Peterson made comments about deserving Sherman-like money, the Seahawks DB just couldn’t help but respond. Even though he knows and we all clearly understand that he’s the best CB in the business:

As much as Sherman still wants to use the ‘me against the world’ mentality — it’s just not appropriate anymore. He’s the best. No one is questioning that. There’s no need for tweets with graphics to illustrate that point.

He can keep running his mouth all he wants. That’s his call, and if it makes him feel better, fine. Whatever floats your boat. But Peterson was merely saying that all CBs should strive to be paid as well as, if not better than Sherman. He’s the top dog, he’s the measuring stick and he’s the standard.

If you’re a CB in the NFL and you’re not striving to be like Richard Sherman (professionally), something is wrong with you.

But the more the league’s top corner keeps flapping his gums, the more people are going to dislike him. Maybe he doesn’t care about that, but if he wants to be a true superstar, he’ll let his play do all the talking from here on out.


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