Dallas Cowboys Preview: Brandon Weeden May Learn

By Jeff Smith
Brandon Weeden Dallas Cowboys
Jeff Hanisch- USA TODAY Sports

When the Dallas Cowboys decided to bring in Brandon Weeden, the common response throughout the land of Cowboys’ fans was just a big sigh. It wasn’t one of those good, sigh-of-relief type of situations either. It was an exasperated type of sigh.

Maybe it wasn’t as bad as we all thought, though.

Do you know what I really do believe that the issue with Weedens’ career was? The fact that he was thrown into the fire. Due to the age of Weeden (he was 28 when he entered the league), there was a ton of pressure to put him in as the starter from the start. That, and the fact that the Cleveland Browns didn’t have much in terms of other options at the quarterback position.

Unless you’re Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III, you aren’t going to jump into the NFL and have immediate success.

So the Browns had obviously given up after a season and a half on Weeden (it was actually less than that), so they sent him to Dallas. The Cowboys now get to let Weeden sit behind Tony Romo, and possibly Kyle Orton, to learn. And what happens after that? Well, that will be the real question.

If Weeden really learns how to play in the NFL, and looks like the quarterback some thought that he would be out of Oklahoma State, the Cowboys may have actually gotten a steal. No one wants to believe it right now, but if Weeden can actually learn, and spend time with Romo and Orton, then he may have a bright future.

It’s a major question mark, but there’s definitely a chance, and it’s a very low-cost opportunity for the Cowboys.

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