No Surprise Teddy Bridgewater Didn't Want To Play For Cleveland Browns

By Andrew Fisher
Teddy Bridgewater
Getty Images

Some prospects will say they don’t care which team they play for in the NFL. While that’s probably true on some level in many situations, it’s not always the case. In the case of Teddy Bridgewater, he’s already come clean about who he wanted to play for after being selected by the Minnesota Vikings this past Thursday in the first round.

There are rumors that the Cleveland Browns were also close to selecting Bridgewater, but they ultimately went Johnny Manziel at No. 22. This was apparently much to the Louisville QB’s liking.

Here’s what Bridgewater told Dan Patrick on Cleveland versus Minnesota:

“I actually told my agent that that’s not the place where I wanted to be. Throughout this entire process, I felt comfortable with the Minnesota Vikings. From every visit I had with the team, it was a family environment, the players are great guys, a great group of guys, so I felt comfortable wanting to play here.”

Whether you like the QB’s response or not, you at least have to give him credit for being honest. He didn’t want to play in Cleveland, and who can blame him? That franchise is still struggling to find its modern day identity, where as the Vikings are just a season removed from the playoffs.

Add in the fact that the best running back in football plays for the Vikings and that the team will open a new stadium in two years — and you have a no-brainer.

The Vikings are simply a more appealing team right now than the Browns. Sure, things could change drastically over the next few seasons. Manziel could prove to be better than Bridgewater and Cleveland could rise to the top-tier of the NFL before Minnesota. It’s possible, but not likely.

I wonder which team Manziel preferred? The safe bet is that we won’t ever get that answer.

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