Rapper Nelly At Center of Greg Hardy Domestic Incident?

By Andrew Fisher
Getty Images

Everybody knows that Nelly is a huge sports fan. He broadcasts his love for all things St. Louis and once even owned part of the Charlotte Bobcats. But now Nelly finds himself at the center of a another sports-related item — Greg Hardy‘s domestic incident.

Say what? Nelly involved in the Carolina Panthers DE’s troubles? That’s what it looks like:

To describe Hardy with the world ‘angry’ might not be enough. According to the arrest warrant, he allegedly grabbed Ms. Holder and threw her to the floor, threw her into the bathtub, slammed her against a futon and strangled her.

You hope for both of them that the report is inaccurate, but that’s seeming more and more unlikely by the day.

As for Nelly’s involvement, it doesn’t appear that he’s directly tied to the domestic incident other than his past relationship with Hardy’s girlfriend. It doesn’t sound like a love triangle situation, it sounds more like a jealousy situation. But that’s purely speculation on my part.

Regardless of what really caused the incident, something went down. Something bad seems to have gone down. If that’s the case, Hardy must pay. The Panthers and/or the NFL must send him a message if he’s found guilty of the charges against him. If the NFL is going to kick a guy out of the league for a year over two failed marijuana tests, it better start bringing the hammer down on domestic abusers.


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