Indianapolis Colts Will Be Fine Without Robert Mathis For Four Games

By RantSports Staff
Robert Mathis
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts were dealt a blow on Friday with the news of Robert Mathis receiving a four-game PED suspension from the NFL.

Clomid is a fertility drug, which Mathis apparently didn’t clear with the league. Whether people will buy his story, is anyone’s guess.

It’s sad everyone thinks twice about players when they have breakout seasons these days, but that’s just reality with the PED awareness level in today’s sports world.

Prior to 2013, Mathis had never racked up more than 11.5 sacks in a season. Last season he amassed an amazing total of 19.5 to lead the league. Some will point to him hitting his stride in the Colts 3-4 defensive scheme as an OLB. But others will say that he was juicing all the way to the top of the stat sheet.

Other than this just being an embarrassment for Mathis and the Colts, it’s really not that big of a deal. The OLB will miss four games and then he’ll continue to go about his business, which may or may not include taking PEDs and/or fertility drugs.

The thing is that no one really cares much about PEDs in football. It’s looked at far differently than juicing in other sports, mainly because it’s so combat-oriented.

By week eight of next season, this story will be long forgotten about. That’s just the way it works in the NFL, whether the player was taking steroids or fertility drugs.

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