Calvin Pryor Brings New Attitude To New York Jets' Secondary

By Luis Tirado Jr.
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They always say that if you want to win a championship, you need a terrific defense. Ask free safety Calvin Pryor and he’ll absolutely agree that you need to shut down offenses in order to secure victories. When the New York Jets drafted him in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, they knew what he would bring to the table. With his aggressive style and a mentality that he’s going to talk trash and hit opponents hard enough to back it up, Pryor will start a new youth movement in the Jets’ secondary.

So far in non-contact practices during the Jets’ rookie training camps, Pryor has been extremely vocal and proving why he’s going to make an immediate impact on defense. He’s been understanding and executing the defensive playbook well and is off to a smooth transition from the college scene into the NFL. One of the most interesting things that has been observed is the fact that he loves to talk trash. Pryor admits that it allows him to get into the head of opposing receivers to take them off their game. It’s a great mental approach that he follows up by hitting anyone thrown his way with such an impact that it’ll make anyone think twice before coming his way with the football.

Attitude goes a long way, but it means nothing if one can’t back it up with wins. Pryor is trying to usher in a new movement in the Jets’ secondary by being a hard-hitting trash talker who will intimidate opponents. It works only when you back it up by being ahead on the scoreboard. Hopefully everything comes together so with the way Pryor plays defense, the entire team backs up his statements by executing. Pryor already has made statements that he fears no receivers, not even wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals. He believes that as long as you’re human, you have weaknesses, including Fitzgerald.

Pryor is already being praised for being the most impressive player so far in camp and is anxious to get the NFL season going. Projected to be starting at free safety, Pryor is poised to be a cerebral assassin who will hit hard and create plays to help the Jets get back into the NFL playoffs and be a contender again. He has no qualms about being labeled a rookie since he believes most people should focus on the new mentality he brings on the Jets’ defense and not the fact that he’s just a first-round draft pick. Surely, some hard-hitting tackles and big defensive plays will prove he’s on the Jets to put them back on the map as a defensive juggernaut.

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