Johnny Manziel Already Has Cleveland Browns Theme Song

By RantSports Staff
Johnny Manziel
Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns have a new franchise player (in theory) and fans are excited to say the least. Johnny Manziel has people talking about football in Cleveland more than they have in a long time. So naturally, the guy needs a theme song. Right?

Just two weeks into his NFL career, Manziel’s ‘official’ Cleveland song is here:

Johnny Cleveland (Wreck This League)

Of course there’s always this backup choice made famous by the Drew Carey Show:

Wreck This League is a little more Johnny Football, though.

So while there is a theme song in place, you have to think that Drake is hard at work for his boy writing a new song. The rapper already created a draft day song for him, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see another song drop in the near future. But regardless, you can bet that Manziel’s pal already has season tickets.

As for Johnny Cleveland’s outlook this season, it’s hard to see him riding the pine for the entire year. Brian Hoyer is penciled in as the starter right now, but you know Manziel is going to get his shot at some point. If Hoyer does start the season his leash will be short, at least in the fans’ minds. The second he throws a couple picks, the Cleveland faithful will be yelling for Manziel.

It would just be way easier to start him from the get-go. But that only makes sense if he’s truly ready. Putting him out there just to do it is not a solid plan.



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