Other NFL Teams Should Follow New England Patriots' Lead Regarding Jerseys

By Justin Patrick
Wes Welker
Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

An adult should not wear a jersey unless he/she is playing in an adult sports league. Once you’re old enough to start babysitting instead of being babysat, the jerseys have got to go. T-shirts, hats and hoodies emblazoned with your favorite teams names and logos are more than okay — just not jerseys.

That being said, sports fans of all ages are going to continue to wear jerseys to show their support of their favorite teams and players. That’s why the other NFL organizations should follow the New England Patriots‘ lead regarding the selling of jerseys.

It seems like professional athletes switch teams almost as often as most people change their underwear. Seeing your favorite player being traded from your favorite team may be a first world problem, but it still stings. When that happens you need to decide if you will still wear that player’s jersey or if that really expensive article of clothing is now obsolete.

The Patriots are trying to help a little bit. After TE Aaron Hernandez was sent to prison for his alleged involvement in the death of Odin Lloyd, the Patriots allowed fans to exchange Hernandez jerseys for another jersey for free. It was a great PR move by the organization.

Now the Patriots are introducing a “Jersey Guarantee” program which allows a fan to receive a 25 percent discount on a jersey purchase if the Patriots release or trade a player within one year of said fan purchasing a team jersey of that player. Of course there are some conditions, such as the player must no longer be under contract with the Patriots (a player being listed on the PUP list does not count) and the new jersey must be purchased within two months of the player being released or traded.

Even with those caveats (which seem pretty fair) this is pretty sweet. The Patriots certainly do not have to do this. Every fan knows that pro sports, the NFL included, are a business and trades or releases are always possible. It’s not even a certainty that the superstars stay put. Whether the Patriots are doing this to try to generate good PR or to try to increase sales, the other teams in the NFL should take note and follow the Patriots’ lead.

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