Brandon Marshall's Attitude Change Will Help Bring A Super Bowl to Chicago

By Mike Cuddy
Chicago Bears-Brandon Marshall
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After two seasons and 2,803 receiving yards, the Chicago Bears locked up star wide receiver Brandon Marshall for the next four years when he signed a three-year $30 million extension on Monday. Marshall is undoubtedly one of the top receivers in the game today and has been a model teammate during his time in Chicago. While he has always had talent, this perfect teammate version of Marshall is something that has come about since he was traded to the Bears back in 2011.

When Marshall was playing alongside his current QB Jay Cutler with the Denver Broncos, he was concerned with only one thing: making it to the Pro Bowl. He was prone to emotional outbursts and was not shy about making his displeasure known on the field. These behaviors, mixed with a few run-ins with law enforcement led to the Broncos trading Marshall to the Miami Dolphins in 2010. After two seasons with the team, Marshall wore out his welcome and the Dolphins moved him to the Bears.

There was some trepidation among Bears fans after the trade. While Marshall could be problematic at times, he was reunited with good friend and QB Cutler and Bears fans had been clamoring for a true star receiver for as long as anyone could remember.

As it turns out, there was no reason for concern as Marshall took it upon himself to check into a mental health clinic and was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Now a few short years after he was thought of as a bad teammate and problematic to have in a locker room, Marshall is the heart and soul of this Bears team.

Prior to signing his new deal yesterday, Marshall made it known in an interview that he would picket outside of Bears headquarters if the team did not re-sign him after his contract was up and Bears fans swooned at his passion to stay here and bring the city its first Super Bowl since Sweetness ran wild on Soldier Field.

In his eight NFL seasons, Marshall has yet to play in a postseason game. It has become evident by his behavior that he wants this to change.

It is Marshall’s positive attitude and work ethic that has seen him invite teammates to his home in Florida to train and participate in team building outings this offseason. He has taken it upon himself to mentor Alshon Jeffery, who led the team in receiving yards last season.

If he continues these team building activities, Marshall will help this team gel off the field and that should result in a positive way on the field. His new attitude is contagious and it is now evident that Marshall is interested in more than just a Pro Bowl; he wants a Super Bowl.

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