Jeff Fisher Speaks Truth: Michael Sam Doc Would Have Been Bad For Rams Locker Room

By Andrew Fisher
Michael Sam
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The news of a documentary series being made about Michael Sam‘s NFL journey definitely raised a few eyebrows. Some of those eyebrows belonged to people within the St. Louis Rams organization.

Ultimately it was decided to put the kibosh on the doc series, which according to Jeff Fisher, was best for everyone involved:

“I think the Oprah thing, it caught us off guard. Whenever it takes place, I think it’ll be a positive piece…Not good for the locker room. Nor Mike to get involved at this point…We had a meeting and we got it resolved satisfactorily for everybody. The best thing for Mike right now is to just focus on football.”

Fisher could not be more right with these comments. It would have been one thing if the Rams were aware of the television cameras that would have been following Sam around. But they weren’t. It wouldn’t have been fair to the DE or his teammates to bring extra cameras around, because let’s face it — there are already enough cameras around.

There’s something to be said for telling an important story and for making money while you can. But the time is not right.

Sam needs to focus on football because he is a seventh-round draft pick when you get down to it. He’s a guy who will have to fight hard just to get a roster spot this season. TV cameras and Oprah’s network should be the least of his worries.

But what if the NFL picks the Rams for Hard Knocks this year? Now that could get interesting.


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