NFL Owners Make Right Call On Expanded Playoffs, For Now

By Andrew Fisher
nfl playoff expansion
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More football isn’t a bad thing.

That statement is mostly true. America loves football and the sport has never been bigger in the good ole US of A. But even with the sport’s massive popularity from coast to coast, there’s still a point when it all becomes too much.

That was almost the case with the NFL Playoffs this year.

Thankfully, league owners did not even vote on expanding the playoffs at meetings that took place on Tuesday.

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So for now, the playoffs will stay as they are — perfect. Because let’s face it, there’s no need to change them. The only reason a format change is being considered is because of the almighty dollar. More playoff games equals more money for the league and its owners.

It’s not the worst idea the NFL has ever had, it’s just an idea that needs to permanently be placed on the back burner. In reality, it will only be placed on the back burner for a few months. Owners will meet again in October to discuss the playoffs and other assorted topics. At that time they could very well vote in a change to take effect as soon as 2015.

For now, old school fans like myself are just happy that the playoffs in 2014 won’t be messed with.

Many other leagues are still struggling to find the perfect postseason system. Why the NFL wants to mess with its perfect system just for a few extra bucks, is beyond me.


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