San Diego Chargers’ Malcom Floyd Will Take Huge Risk By Playing In 2014

By Michael Terrill
San Diego Chargers’ Malcom Floyd
Getty Images

In Week 2 of last season, San Diego Chargers wide receiver Malcom Floyd suffered a horrific head injury and he was carted off the field. The head injury was actually a neck injury that looked to jeopardize the 32-year-old’s career. With that being said, Floyd has recently announced that he will suit up in 2014, which means he will be taking a huge risk. The problem is it is a risk that does not seem to be worth it.

No one likes to see a player go down with a career-ending injury. Ideally, every player should go out on his own terms. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Floyd was told by doctors that if he continues to play the game he loves he could potentially do permanent damage to his spinal cord. Apparently, Floyd is making his own terms, and with that, deciding he will continue earning a paycheck in the NFL.

“The doc said … I’m at risk just like anybody else,” Floyd said Monday, according to Sports Illustrated. “There’s not really a worry. … I’m feeling good. I think I feel like my old self. I’m really excited to make plays again. Hopefully, I can do more this year than I ever have.”

Wanting to be more productive and believing it is a realistic possibility is great. However, the Chargers have to decide if they are willing to watch one of its best players end his way of life just to catch a few more passes. Clearing him to play means they are ultimately responsible for what happens to him, even if he is the one who said he is ready to take the field.

Floyd has had a stellar career. He does not need to prove anything to anybody. However, the fact that he has really stepped his game up in 2011 and 2012 has to be part of the reason why he is not prepared to walk away. Not to mention, winning a championship is what it is all about. Quitting before that opportunity presents itself is something many players are not willing to do.

Ultimately, I believe Floyd has to reconsider his decision. He has two years left on his contract, and the Chargers do not look to be a team that is prepared to make a serious run at a Super Bowl title. He is still a young guy with plenty of life ahead of him, which means taking a chance of getting seriously hurt is not worth it.

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