Cleveland Browns: QB Competiton Talk Is All Nonsense

Cleveland Browns

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns fans are very excited for the future following the selection of Johnny Manziel in this year’s draft. But according to those within the team, they shouldn’t be too excited about Johnny Football quite yet.

Enter Browns GM Ray Farmer:

“I want the best quarterback to start. Who is the best quarterback? Brian Hoyer.”

“That’s a good question. I would tell you that (Hoyer is better than Manziel) probably by a substantial margin. I would say that because here’s a guy that’s a five- or six-year veteran who has been in the league, that knows the defenses, that reads it quicker, that understands it. He has an advanced calculus degree. Johnny is good at math, but I don’t know if he’s in the advanced calculus stages,” Farmer said on Cleveland WKRK-FM radio.

First of all, it’s ridiculous that these kind of talks are taking place in May. No QB competition has ever been won or lost four months before the season.

But it’s even more ridiculous that those in Cleveland continue to pretend there’s a real competition going on — there’s not.

Sure, Hoyer is probably ahead of Manziel in a lot of departments right now. But when it comes time for games this fall, we all know who’s going to be under center (hint — it’s not Hoyer).

While the veteran QB could get the nod to kickoff 2014, the second he throws an interception the people in Cleveland will be chanting ‘Johnny’ in unison. I don’t see why the Browns would even let things get to that point, unless Manziel is light years away from being ready for NFL action.

In the meantime, tune out any and all ‘QB competition’ talk you hear out of Cleveland. There isn’t one.

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  • Bob Wainner

    I believe writer (Andrew Fisher) has it right here in his article. Yes, actually both Hoyer & Thigpen have been QBs in the NFL for 5 or 6 years…but, 95% of their experience has been as “back-up” QBs. Cleveland is the 4th or 5th NFL team those 2 QBs have played for. Manziel just needs these next 4 months to prepare himself (mentally & physically) for the NFL…as he knows, yes, there’s a steep learning curve. The Browns don’t have a veteran QB like Peyton Manning or Brett Farve, where Manziel could play back-up to…for a few seasons and learn from them. Johnny Manziel is the guy….period! Look at Russell Wilson (who is smaller than Manziel) – Russell led the Seahawks to the Playoffs his first year and to a victory in the Super Bowl is 2nd year. Looks to me, like the coaches are putting together a pretty solid all around Browns team….but, they really need to stop talking about WHO will be their starting QB this coming season…they already KNOW…and so do WE!