Dallas Cowboys Will Win The NFC East

By Matt Banks
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The Dallas Cowboys have been labeled as an average team, and their 8-8 record over the past three seasons leaves little room for argument. However, this is the season they will rise above their rivals and win the NFC East.

Everybody knows the Cowboys have been mediocre, as the media mentions it week in and week out. What gets swept under the rug is the fact that Dallas is tied with the Philadelphia Eagles for the most wins in the division over the past three seasons. Dallas has had the opportunity to play each of their division rivals in the final game of the season with the chance to either win the NFC East or gain a Wild Card berth. Unfortunately for them, they lost each of those contests.

So it is pretty clear that they are due right? They have had their share of disappointing moments and untimely errors, but I don’t think people should confuse mediocrity with consistency. They have fallen short, but they have been knocking on the door for three seasons.

It’s not like the NFC East presents a dominant team. They don’t have to worry about the New England Patriots or Denver Broncos winning 12 games a year or running away with the division. I won’t deny the Cowboys have their question marks with Tony Romo‘s health and their unproven defense, but the Washington RedskinsNew York Giants and Eagles have their own concerns.

Will Eli Manning be able to fix his turnover issues? Will Robert Griffin III be able to return to form after his serious knee injury? Will Nick Foles be able to follow up his stellar play from last season, or is he just a flash in the pan? Nobody knows the answer to these questions, which is why this division might be the most intriguing in the league.

The Cowboys have one of the most potent offensive attacks in the league.They have the chance to improve even further by adding another brilliant offensive mind to call plays with Scott Linehan. Their defense has no where to go but up. Rod Marinelli will command the defense and inject new life into a young, hungry and revamped defensive line. Under his lead, I feel they have the chance to be a top-10 defense.

As coordinators, these two coaches have had incredible success everywhere they have been. They will be able to bridge the gap between the two sides of the ball and not force the Cowboys to simply outscore everyone.

There is no doubt that the NFC East will be very competitive again, but it’s the Cowboys turn to take control. They have been the most consistent team in recent years including their 5-1 record against their rivals last year. They will rise above this year and win the division.

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