NFL Awarding Super Bowl To Minneapolis An Awful Decision

By Mike May
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

This was the trip you always dreamed about since you were a kid. You saved and took vacation time for this very week. You have Super Bowl tickets, but it’s not just about the game — it never is. You plan on spending the entire week immersed in football related activities and just soaking up the atmosphere. You wake up that first morning and walk outside to a bone chilling minus-7 degrees with a windchill somewhere between the negative teens and Antarctica.

Dear NFL: What in the world are you thinking?

I know, I know; everybody deserves to host a Super Bowl, right? The answer is no. Let me rephrase that, the answer is absolutely not ever. Why would you ever host a Super Bowl in a cold northern city? Minneapolis, Indianapolis, New York, Boston — no offense if you are from these cities; I’m sure they’re great places to visit in the spring, summer and fall months, but why on earth would you want to spend Super Bowl week there?

Ideally the NFL would keep the Super Bowl in warm weather southern cities.

Even better, the NFL would just rotate the Super Bowls so there’s no more awarding locations. They would keep the Super Bowl in the following locations: Miami, Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Dallas (maybe), Phoenix and Los Angeles.

Would someone want to spend thousands of dollars to brave sub-zero wind chills and dodge snowstorms or do you think they might enjoy shorts, 70-degree sunshine and having their choice of doing pretty much anything nice weather has to offer? Go out golfing and enjoy lunch in the warm sunshine or walk around a large mall for a week because it’s freezing outside? Ask people who attend the Super Bowl, and I bet the vast majority are on my side. To prove my point further, if you grow up, work and then retire in Minneapolis, are you in Minneapolis in February? No, you’re not; you’re in Arizona, California or Florida.

The Super Bowl isn’t simply just a game. It is America’s biggest event of the year. For those that attend and its host city, it is the largest party of the year. There’s the NFL Experience among other outdoor family events not to mention a whole host of other activities that an ideal host city would have to offer. An ideal host city not only has the infrastructure in place to handle this kind of event, but their climate should be inviting as well.

Unfortunately, though, the NFL continues to play chicken with mother nature. This past year they dodged a huge bullet as the Super Bowl managed to fit nicely in between two major northeastern snowstorms. At some point, however, luck will run out and there will be a lot of angry people who paid thousands of dollars to hang out in snowstorm. When that happens you can expect an immediate I told you so follow up to this piece.

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