Denver Broncos Should Consider Bringing Back Willis McGahee

By Tylor Walden
Willis McGahee
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With the departure of Knowshon Moreno, the Denver Broncos could use a veteran presence to help Montee Ball get adjusted to life as a starter. There is no better veteran to bring in than one who has played with the offense before.

Willis McGahee played for the Broncos for two seasons, including the first year that Peyton Manning took over the offense. He was one of the more consistent runners for the team, running for nearly 2,000 yards in his two seasons with the team and accumulating eight touchdowns. He made the Pro Bowl for the Broncos in 2011, so what better way for Ball to learn to become a starter in the Broncos offense than McGahee?

He was released prior to the Broncos 2013 season that saw them go all the way to the Super Bowl because of health concerns. But I do not see why the Broncos should not bring McGahee back, even in a backup role. Even though he has somewhat fallen from grace, he is one of the more reliable options in free agency left. He can get those hard-earned yards when needed and can also break into the open field and score, whether it is from 20 yards out or even 60 yards out.

McGahee reminded me a little of what Moreno brought to the Broncos in 2013. He can catch balls in the backfield, block, and run with the best of them. Why not give McGahee a second stint with the team? He has proven himself with Manning at the helm before being injured in 2012. He could also help Ball improve on whatever he can work on to be a better all-around running back for Manning. Time to see if he can become the missing piece in a smaller role at least.

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