Absurd $25 Million Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Johnny Manziel Obviously Fake

By RantSports Staff
Johnny Manziel lawsuit
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And so it begins: Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel is allegedly being sued by a woman named Samantha Schacher via the Middle District Court of Florida for about half a dozen accounts of sexual harassment. The “lawsuit” is about as valid as Manziel’s mechanics as a quarterback, so neither he nor his agent, Erik Burkhardt, are worried about it.

The lawsuit, reported by one of DeadSpin’s tipsters, claims that Manziel sent naked photos to Schacher, referred to his penis as Viena Sausage when talking to her, told her he would get a penis enlargement if it wasn’t big enough for her, told her he and Jadeveon Clowney (whose name was spelled wrong in the complaint) sexted with one another and that Manziel enjoys listening to the song “It’s a Small World” while riding Magic Kingdom at Disney World.

So yeah, you can kind of see why Manziel’s agent isn’t really concerned about this. First of all, the notion that every single complaint includes some reference to the size of Manziel’s reproduction organ and secondly, the spelling, grammar and punctuation used in the court document is worse than a kindergartener’s.

So now Manziel gets to enjoy stuff like this that comes with being a hotshot rookie quarterback in the NFL. Sure, he had the paid autographs thing in college, but nothing ever came of that. Now he’s already got a woman trying to falsely get money from him because he has it and/or an insane football fan trying to get some attention on Twitter.

Either way, if you heard about “Johnny Football being sued” make sure you set the record straight with whoever believes this nonsense.

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