Chicago Bears Have Steered Brandon Marshall In the Right Direction

By Luis Tirado Jr.
brandon marshall
Andrew Weber – USA Today Sports

Wide receiver Brandon Marshall was once considered by many to fall off the face of the sports world just a few years ago. Many remember his off-the-field distractions during his tenure with the Miami Dolphins which saw many write him off as a wasted potential of an athlete because he didn’t have a good head on his shoulders. They always say that a new team and change of scenery can help rekindle a new outlook on life and especially a sports career. Marshall believes the trade that sent him to the Chicago Bears effectively saved his life and career to continue playing the sport he loves.

After signing his new three-year contract extension worth a little over $23 million guaranteed, Marshall is ready to continue taking his career to new heights considering he almost lost it all in his past. During his troubled past he was dealing with borderline personality disorder and has been doing his best to get the word out for mental health awareness. He almost lost his life because he just wasn’t mentally well and putting himself in dangerous situations. There’s a big reason why he donated $1 million towards mental health causes, because it affects millions of people to make bad judgements that could have heavy consequences.

Years ago Marshall was very selfish with his playing time and receptions, but thanks to the Bears, he has learned that it’s all about the team first. To truly grasp that and be a part of that type of mentality is what not only led to him to this new contract extension but also his new way of thinking about life. It’s not about him; it’s about what he can contribute and give back that is the formula for ultimate success as a team, player and individual.

Personal growth is one of humility and making sure as you get older, you spread your wisdom to the younger guys coming into the fold. Marshall has been praised for how he’s adapted a “big brother” approach to rookies coming into the Bears organization, regardless of if they’re on offense or not. He’s had an amazing turnaround in his career and should be proud of what he’s done so far.

These are the little things that equate to bigger things as the years go by. Marshall’s story will continue to unfold, as so far he’s been heading in the right direction thanks to persevering during the tough times in his life. He’s endured a lot so far, and as a result of it he’s reaping plenty of rewards both financially and personally.

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